Sunday, July 5, 2015

Coconut oil is the new miracle weapon of Stars

Coconut oil is the new miracle
The scent of coconut can escape only very few. He recalls the last vacation in the beach paradise, leaving the dreary everyday gray for a few minutes to forget. So it is so excellent that coconut oil also should have another positive characteristic: It makes your skin more beautiful with each passing day and helps with a variety of smaller and larger Beauty disasters - so at least the opinion of experts. Well, let's see what you might like to offer the coconut oil!

Can we wish for more than a beauty product to make our skin soft to the touch, our eyelashes can be so long finally, as we see it every day in advertising and also even against eczema and herpes to help? Hardly! And that's why coconut oil also has the best chance of becoming our must-have of the summer, because not only the promised effect on the body appears unbeatable, but the soul is caressed thanks to the seductive scent. That sounds all much too good to be true. Have you perhaps even sometimes wondered why top models seemingly never grow and appear from day to day to be pretty? The answer could be coconut oil, because at least Miranda Kerr swears by the white texture that applies in the tropics for centuries as a miracle cure for a variety of skin diseases, obesity and disorders of the immune system. No wonder, because the coconut palm is also called "Tree of Life" and this title can our Beauty heart beat a little higher but equal. Coconut oil so really no longer missing from your beauty products.

Coconut oil: The natural moisture Kick

"A day without coconut oil for me there is not", Miranda Kerr says loudly "" and also Gwyneth Paltrow is a fan of tropical fruit. Both ladies have been known that they attach great importance to their looks and a healthy body for them is a top priority. Reason enough for us to take the coconut oil once a closer look and it actually looks like, as could any other beauty products to their clear space in your bathroom shelf: coconut oil is created when it reaches a temperature of 25 degrees Celsius - before one speaks of coconut oil, but both terms have guessed already that the skin is supplied with an amount of moisture when the coconut comes into play. And so it is! Do you have so many problems with dry or chapped skin; the handle to the coconut oil can be the salvation. Unlike moisturizing oils it brings with it the advantage that the skin is not so sticky and only returns to its liquid form when applied. In addition, extra virgin coconut oil is 100 percent natural and makes both your skin and your hair is wonderfully tender. In, it helps to ensure that the cells can rebuild again. Thus, even the complaints by eczema or psoriasis arise, be alleviated and thanks also pimples are of coconut oil no chance have. 

 Coconut oil soothes the skin thanks to the many minerals, vitamins and natural ingredients that can be found in coconut oil, is not irritated your skin from chemicals and can be so calm from scratch and heal by itself. This also applies if you under acne suffer, because studies have shown that recurrent outbreaks of skin disease can prevent a regular coconut oil application. Its anti-microbial effect a decrease of pesky pimples comes in addition to Good, so that coconut oil for both dry is also suitable for oily skin types and your body along the way enveloped in a heady scent. Coconut oil for a wow lashes surcharge, it seems, however, not only your skin can benefit from coconut oil, but also your seductive look. To get as dense, full and long eyelashes, is certainly also with you nothing without the mascara, but this now gets serious competition from the rich concentrate of coconut. A small amount of coconut oil between your thumb and forefinger should be sufficient to grow the lashes let and with one glance to wrap your treasure around her finger, which has no make-up necessary. Rub the coconut oil, but not too much in your eyelashes one, because they are very sensitive and can easily end up between your fingers - so you should already after a few weeks to notice the first results. Coconut oil is not the same as coconut oil but for that coconut oil can also bring all these fabulous results to light, it must of course be applied properly, so we want to give you a few tips along the way. Proper handling of the coconut oil starts with the purchase, because not every product has the power and the vitamins of the tropics to offer ready expect from him. 

Therefore Griffins in the drug store or health food store only to virgin, cold-pressed or extra-virginal coconut oil - All other names suggest that the texture was machined and treated with chemicals. In order cost 20 USD a kilo of thoroughly natural product that can be applied easily: Warm something of the creamy product between your hands so that the coconut oil takes its liquid form. Would you like your arms, legs or your face do something good, it is enough a hazelnut-sized amount for your back or your stomach it may like to be a little more. Spread the coconut oil as you do it from your day care or a body lotion are accustomed to on your skin and let it soak in briefly. Even the daily internal revenue to coconut oil is ideally suited and can be very easy integrated into your daily life. So fast you're cooking, clean and ready for the day -. In constant company of the heavenly scented coconut oil what we have so far made only without coconut oil? This question seems justified, once you look at what the secret weapon of the stars to be able. A variety of skin problems could thanks to the daily use of coconut oil belong to the past and long, full eyelashes now seem close enough to touch. So far, the actual spectrum of coconut oil is not yet clarified in detail, but an attempt may be in such good prospects really only worth it?

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